You can't add by dividing


When we, The Virginia First Foundation, sent out an email opposing the folly of the “transgender” agenda to let men go into the women’s bathrooms – to protect Virginia’s daughters, three thousand people unsubscribed from our email. 3k. Three thousand people took offense enough at keeping bathrooms separated by gender – as they always have been – to drop us like a hot rock.

We are working to build a governing majority of Virginians who support the Rule of Law, Constitutionally limited government and a Judeo-Christian culture. We can’t build up by losing people. The old saw is – you can’t add by dividing. Yet, an initial dividing is going to happen. People who are with us on limiting government may be socially liberal and love every goofy thing the Left can dream when it comes to race, religion and sexual behavior. Those people whose tolerance only extends to folks who agree with them on everything don’t work well together.

We need Virginians who will work together. To unite to change the culture of Virginia for the better – for all of Virginians. You don’t have to agree with us on everything. If you agree with us on anything, we encourage your fellowship and offer mutual support. We can move forward together where we are united and mutually respect our disagreements we aren’t.

Take Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s blatant disrespect for the Rule of Law and Virginia’s Constitution. You may support a program to restore the full rights and privileges to convicted felons. We may disagree. But, we all can agree when the Virginia Supreme Court rules his blanket restoration to 200,000 felons isn’t Constitutional, they ruled rightly. And, McAullife’s stated scheme to individually pardon all 200,000 felons is just a way to increase the cheating to elect Hillary Clinton in November. Every Virginian should oppose McAuliffe’s disrespect for the Rule of Law.

We, The Virginia First Foundation, want one million or so, to begin, of Virginia’s approximately 3 million voters to work together. To add by addition, for every issue we hold in common, to change our Virginia for the better. If one million Virginians tell their delegates and senators in the General Assembly to represent them and take action against the Governor’s illegal actions, then actions will be set in motion. If one million Virginians hold the General Assembly to do their duty – to do more than bring a lawsuit and toss it to the courts – keep the Governor accountable, then we take a step together.

Don’t let our divisions on single issues divide us from a much greater, common purpose. E Pluribus Unum, from many – one, is needed for Virginia to be Sic Semper Tyrannis, thus always to tyrants.   

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015