Who We Are

The motto of the new Virginia First Foundation, Inc. is “POSSUNT QUIA POSSE VIDENTUR”. It means “They Can Because They Think They Can.” And, what do we think we can do?

We can change the culture of Virginia to preserve, protect, evolve, grow, improvise, invent, enhance, respect, honor and project what’s best about Virginia today and in the past – into the future. With confidence, conviction and courage. And, to embrace the inevitable, unexpected changes to shape them for the best in our Virginia culture.

Because, “Culture Commands.” Culture commands – sets up the boundaries and opportunities – for much of our lives.

Since Culture Commands, it matters what the culture of Virginia is today and tomorrow. We believe in....

  • God-given individual rights. Especially, those enumerated in the Bill of Rights.
  • The Rule of Law.
  • Constitutionally-limited government.
  • Representative democracy in a federal Republic.
  • The Government of the United States limited by the U.S. Constitution.
  • Our sovereign state - Virginia, as a Commonwealth - with plenary powers.
  • The People are the sovereign of the Commonwealth – and delegate powers and authority to the Commonweatlh in our Virginia Constitution.
  • As the Virginia Constitution says – mutual duty of all to practice Christian forbearance, love, and charity towards each other – for religious tolerance. Let Virginia be the safest place to be a practicing Christian, Jew or non-believer.
  • The moral-ethical standards of our Judeo-Christian culture in Virginia.
  • The sanctity of life. Especially for the weakest of humans – the babies in the womb, the elderly and sick. 
  • The family – built on the marriage of one man and one woman.
  • Free market economics.
  • Protection of our environment – the land, water and air of Virginia.
  • Educating children about our common history, culture and citizenship.
  • And more…

We dare to think we can change the culture for the better – for the long term.



The Virginia First Foundation, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors.

James Atticus Bowden Chairman, Board of Directors



James Atticus Bowden serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Virginia First Foundation, Inc. Mr. Bowden is a self-employed Defense consultant. His niche is ‘Futures.’ He is a writer. A longtime Conservative activist, he is the former elected Chairman of the 1st Congressional District and Poquoson City Committee, as well as a member, State Central Committee, Republican Party of Virginia. Mr. Bowden is retired U.S. Army Infantry officer.  He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy (Class of 1972) and earned graduate degrees from Harvard and Columbia Universities.

Pastor Travis Witt- Board Member


Pastor Travis Witt has a Masters’ degrees in Religious Education and Counseling, graduating in 1986 from Liberty University. Pastor Witt has worked on various fatherhood initiatives, including the Virginia First Foundation project, “Fathers of Light,” that urges fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, and uncles to take a stand against a culture that diminshes the role God has placed on them. This same passion, and willingness to lead, has given Pastor Witt the opportunity to advise many candidates for local and state-wide office regarding family matters.

Pastor Witt was a member of “Back to Life” a ministry to inmates in the Bedford County Jails that focused on rebuilding lives using Nehemiah 4:2 “how can we bring these stones back to life from heaps of rubble, burned as they are?” as their guidance. In that program, he was able to see inmates complete their GED as the group operated a cell block completely on Biblical principles. After discharge, some of the inmates found work and rebuilt their lives. The success of the program was short lived as the Regional Jail model for inmate population removed the ability to continue operating a Christian program.

Pastor Witt also engages in a living history portrayal of a Revolutionary period pastor, patriot, and politician, John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, known as the original “Black Robe Regiment” pastor. He has traveled the Commonwealth educating churches and civic groups on the importance of being involved in the political arena.

Pastor Witt says, “Returning to the pulpit while still being engaged in politics has been interesting. Although told that discussion of religion and politics in social gatherings is forbidden, that has not stopped me from doing so most of the time. “


Chris and Diana Shores-Board Members 



Chris and Diana Shores have been working for pro-life and pro-family values for 20 years. Chris attended Radford University and studied Political Science. Chris has been a grassroots organizer working with candidates and on policy issues across the state. He has worked in all areas of paid and volunteer activism including working as a legislative aid, a campaign strategist,  and a Presidential candidate's state-wide Director. Chris is the "nice guy" of Virginia political activism. He is the owner and operator of his family-run contractor business. 
Diana graduated with a degree in Economics from Longwood University.  Working for a state economic literacy organization, she spent several years working to train public high school teachers in learning fundamental economic principle,  assisted in the development of the Financial Literacy strands found in the state's Standards of Learning, and assisted in developing summer camps where kids could learn about the global economy.  She is currently a team member and Social Media Director for the national pro-life organization, "The Day of Tears."  Like Chris, she has worked as an activist in a variety of positions. 
Chris and Diana believe that by engaging the church and it's pastor, we can win back the culture. 

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    Who We Are

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