When the Left Uses You to Raise Funds

Rewire magazine ran a hit piece, “Do Virginia’s ‘Pro-Family’ Groups Support Policies That Help Women and Children?” on Oct 24, 2017 by Kate Andrews. Their first pull quote of me is “When it comes to improving health care for pregnant women and children, James Atticus Bowden of the Virginia First Foundation said, “We don’t have a stated position on that anywhere." That’s the best attack they can do – and fill their page with “donate” buttons.

They were accurate in quoting me, but not in my full message. I said there were many things we supported, but there was nothing before the Virginia General Assembly for us – an education foundation to educate Virginians – at this time.
Then, they add this red meat for Liberals – “Though prominent anti-choice groups in Virginia use terms like “pro-life” and “pro-family” to describe their views, the organizations don’t devote much time or many resources to advocating for policies that promote the healthy lives of children and families living in the state. The Family Foundation of Virginia, Virginia First Foundation, and Virginia Society for Human Life, for example, either oppose or have no opinion on policies, such as Medicaid expansion, that would help Virginia families. They have also taken no action on some hazardous environmental policies that could endanger fetal health.” We, the Virginia First Foundation, are humbly grateful to be called a prominent pro-life group in Virginia. We’re thrilled that the Left uses us for their purposes. We must be doing something right.

You may ask why I spoke to the writer of such a far Left publication? Because we aren’t afraid to tell our story, the truth as we know it, anywhere. They can spin, pick and choose, parse and ignore all they like, but as long as they don’t actually lie about us, they can’t hurt us with our own words. We speak ‘Life’ to Virginians for Virginia.

Rewire’s used our words to set up their advocacy for expanding Medicaid to 400,000 more folks in Virginia. Ugh. What an awful choice. As if the issue of health care is the binary choice of 1) Do nothing or 2) Expand Medicaid. Expand an inefficient, riddled with fraud and abuse, unconstitutional Federal abuse of power, inadequate answer to legitimate health care needs.
There are far better solutions.

One, which no legislator has proposed to the General Assembly, yet, is to expand Health Savings Accounts – already in the Code of Virginia. Reverse the abuse of the most regressive tax – sales tax – and put money into Health Savings Accounts of the neediest Virginians.

Two, improve communities of caring and concern – churches, family, co-workers and neighbors – to provide support and be get significant tax breaks to help fund their caring.

Three, expand the supply of medical care – which drives down costs – by ending the barrier of the Certificate of Public Need in Virginia.

Rewire noted correctly, “James Atticus Bowden, chairman of the anti-choice Virginia First Foundation’s board of directors, told Rewire that his organization is focused on keeping gender-separated restrooms in public facilities and repealing Virginia’s Certificate of Public Need program, which requires owners and sponsors of some prospective medical care facility projects to demonstrate a public need for the project in order to gain approval from the state health commissioner.” We focus on these two bills because they were before the General Assembly. We will do much more when we can.

Rewire asks the Left, “Appreciate our work? Rewire is a non-profit independent media publication. Your tax-deductible contribution helps support our research, reporting, and analysis. DONATE NOW.”

Do you appreciate our work – we are good enough to be the pin up poster of fright to the Left? We’re doing our work, rightly and well.

If 10,000 Virginians give $10 a month– we would do much more good for Life – and better solutions for healthcare for all Virginians. For less than the price of a pizza, once a month, your Virginia First Foundation can stop the march of the Left for all their wrong and immoral ‘solutions’.

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