Virginia Right to Life

Every Virginian has the right to life. From the moment of conception in the womb until the last breath of the most aged, ill, infirm, or handicapped person, we Virginians all have a right to life. Abortion on demand is a direct assault on that most precious right. The U.S. Supreme Courts unconstitutional ruling establishing a right to choose to abort, kill, babies in the womb is a wrongful re-writing of the Constitution. Just as the Supreme Court ruled slavery was the law of the land and Blacks couldn’t really be citizens in the Dred Scott decision, the Roe v Wade ruling is an awful affront to the Constitution, humanity and morality for all Americans.
Virginia’s Family Foundation is leading the fight in the General Assembly to right the wrongs imposed by Federal judges. Recently, the leader of our Family Foundation, Victoria Cobb, reported that Virginia’s Board of Health voted to lower health and safety standards in Virginia’s abortion mills.

Virginia’s General Assembly established standards for women’s health. The Board of Health voted 11-4 to go against the will of The People – as expressed in the Code of Virginia. “The actions of the Board of Health violated state law, by making votes that were outside the original “Notice of Intended Regulatory Action.” 

The Family Foundation reports that Planned Parenthood spent over $2 million dollars to get pro-abortion governor Terry McAuliffe elected. McAuliffe appointed enough pro-abortion persons to subvert the Board of Health.

Furthermore, the Family Foundation reports the abortion of living babies is a $1 billion dollar a year business in our Commonwealth.

The Virginia First Foundation works to change the culture of Virginia for a better Virginia. Our aim is to make Virginia the most pro-life state in the Union. We want Virginia to be the safest place to be a baby in the womb, a severely handicapped, ill or aged person. Because we love life. We value life as gift from God. We treasure the lives of our fellow Virginians.

Please support the Virginia Family Foundation in their fight, for all of us, in the Virginia General Assembly and elections across the Commonwealth. And, support us, if you can, in our long range struggle to make Virginia even better for future Virginians.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015