Virginia Election Follow Up

We just had another election in Virginia. We have an election every year here. This year, the Democrats did very, very well. They produced a record turnout to win our off-year Governor’s ticket and pick up the largest increase in House of Delegates seats ever. This 2017, the Republicans did 161,549 votes better than they did in 2013 (for Governor). The Democrats did 419, 042 better in 2013. So, the Ds increased their votes more than 247,493 better than the Rs in 4 years. That’s the bottom line.
The bottom line is what matters in business. Politics is a business.

Let’s say it again – politics is a business. It’s the business of power and money, money and power. Unfortunately, for We, The People, byproducts of the business of politics are laws, taxes, regulations and policies of governance that impact on our lives. Consequently, as the old saw about war being too important to leave it to generals goes – politics is too important to leave it to the politicians.

The Virginia First Foundation is dedicated to educating Virginians – to change our culture to protect the Rule of Law for generations and make Virginia the best we can be. We, The People are Virginia. It’s important for us to know how one party in our two party system increased their vote by over 400k in 4 years. VFF will share what we know over time.

We know now that this isn’t a time to wallow in defeat in the culture war. Yes, a mentally ill person – wrongfully called a transgender - was elected to the General Assembly. But, given the rabid ideology of the Left, it’ll be hard to tell the difference in the policies of a man pretending to be a woman from the barking insanity of the other Liberals, Progressives, Human Secularist Totalitarians, Communists – The Left.

There’ll be another House of Delegates election in 2 years. Another Governor’s race in 4 years. There are elections in our cities and counties – including many school boards – which matter greatly. Politics is too important to leave it to the politicians.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015