Transgender the Truth

Transgendering the Truth

A teacher was fired in West Point, Virginia because the teacher didn’t talk as a student demanded. The school board website says:

“Mr. Vlaming was asked repeatedly, over several weeks and by multiple administrators, to address a student by the pronouns with which this student identifies. The issue before us was not one mistaken slip of the tongue. Mr. Vlaming consistently refused to comply going forward -- including in a statement made at the hearing -- a willful violation of school board policy.”

The West Point school board fired a teacher for speaking the truth. The public school administrators, who are all government employees, insisted that the teacher not tell the truth. Moreover, these government officials virtue signal the big lie that transgender is a permanent, victim protected class of persons, because “We do not and cannot tolerate discrimination in any form, or actions that create a hostile environment for any member of our school family.”

The truth isn’t discrimination.

Boys are boys and girls are girls. That’s a scientific truth. It’s taught in biology class.

If a boy thinks he is a girl or a girl thinks she is boy, the child doesn’t become a privileged minority. The child is mentally ill. Gender dysphoria is a mental illness in the American Psychiatry Association “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”.

The pious, self-righteous School Board, Superintendent of Schools and other educrats will make the lie – that gender is fluid and whatever people pretend - the truth and the truth a firing offense, if the citizens of West Point, Virginia allow it. These enemies of science, education, and common sense will transgender the truth if their crimes against this teacher go unpunished.

The good people of West Point have to find citizens to run for the school board – and town council – who will fire the superintendent, reinstate the teacher and pay damages, and restore the respectability of intellectual honesty to public schools.
Public schools aren’t required to treat mental illness. If they can accommodate some mentally ill students with private bathrooms or special classes, then they’re fortunate to have such resources.

This is moment of decision for Virginia. Stand with truth or transgendered truth which is the big lie?
The Virginia First Foundation will help the good people of West Point in every way we can.


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Tuesday, November 3, 2015