Toleration and Transgender Times

Toleration. A number of folks took the time to respond to Virginia First Foundation’s last email with a demand to be removed from the list – and some f-bomb cursing to boot. Such responses should be a remarkably small set of replies in the future, if we are successful in changing the culture. Virginians will disagree on many, many things, but they will do so with the tolerance and kindness of a Judeo-Christian culture. The vulgarity and personal vitriol of rude responses will clearly be the words of someone who just moved to Virginia – and just doesn’t know better.

Transgender Times. We’re promoting action against transgender bathrooms, transgender school policies, and all things setting up “transgender” as a protected class of persons in Virginia – except improvements in mental health science and services. We know these people need help and we support such assistance.

Virginians have the opportunity to get 133 city and county school boards, city councils/board of supervisors and other public officials on the record about transgender policies.

In all likelihood, public officials need to hear something other than the propaganda coming out of the LGBT lobbyists. Like, transgender has no basis in science. It’s a made up political issue to provide special privileges to a made up group of people. It’s an opportunity for bad boys and perverts to act badly – putting boys in the girls’ locker room and men in the girls’ bathroom – and the state support it, pay for it and honor it. These are strange times indeed for sane people.

When a male “identifies” as a female, does the male stop being a male? No, the chromosomes in every cell in the male’s body still make him male. He can have surgery to remove his male genitally and he is still male. He can take female hormones to change his body and the cells still shout that he is male. It’s established science and medicine.

It’s been that way from the start. Genesis 1:27. “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them.”

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015