They Hate Virginia’s Dead

They want to tear down every Confederate statue and memorial. They hate so much that they hate our Virginia dead.

Does Virginia’s history – all of it – belong to all Virginians?  Or, is history only applicable to identity politics – the division of Virginians into protected classes of persons, permanent victims, perpetual privileged oppressors, and other categories. 

(How ironic that the long list of groups is created by the people who preach inclusion and practice division!) 

Can a new Virginian, say a legal immigrant who barely speaks English, take pride in the ideas of the Founders?  Or, does the glory of Virginia authorship of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights only go to Virginians whose ancestors were here then?

Can all Virginians celebrate the victory of the Civil Rights movement to end segregation or is that for Black Virginians only?

 Think about it.

 How can a Virginia descendant of slaves be proud of a Confederate monument?  Easy.

  • Recognize the sins of slavery and segregation are cleansed from Virginia and be thankful.
  • Admire the courage, honor and fidelity of Virginians who fought to defend their home from invasion.  More Virginians died fighting for Virginia than in all wars put together.  Recognize what an epic event this war was for Virginia.  Hope future Virginians share their fighting spirit and skill to defend our home.
  • Respect the profound Christian faith of so many soldiers and leaders like Lee and Jackson.  Winston Churchill wrote the Army of Northern Virginia was the most devoutly Christian army that ever marched.  Teach boys to be good men like them. 
  • Honor the military genius of Lee and Jackson and hope it passes to future generations of Virginians. 
  • Acknowledge how your ancestors may have supported Virginia’s defense since 6 out 7 slaves never left their homes.  Tens of thousands of Blacks served in the Confederate Army and never deserted.   
  • Know that Confederate veterans are American veterans under Public Law, U.S. Code and deserve equal respect.
  • Love your neighbors whose ancestors fought, bled and died for Virginia as you love yourself.  Live and let live.  Make toleration a two-way street. 
  • Teach your children to never fight another civil war in Virginia.  Never again. 
  • Make “Virginians Lives Matter” a motto to live by.
  • Don’t be so sick as to hate dead people.    

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015