The Good People of Virginia

So, what will this Foundation do?  We’re asked, “What are your projects?”

We’ll get into that - many times over in the days to come. 

But, first, let’s talk about some “first things” about the Virginia First Foundation.

The Virginia First Foundation serves the Good People of Virginia. 

The Good People are the citizens of Virginia.  We are the Good People. 

Read how our Virginia Constitution begins:  “A DECLARATION OF RIGHTS made by the good people of Virginia in the exercise of their sovereign powers, which rights do pertain to them and their posterity, as the basis and foundation of government.”

Most of the Good People you know don’t even know they are the good people of Virginia.  They should.  They need to learn it, understand it and believe it.  They need to see the direct connection from the Constitutions of Virginia and the United States to their freedom.  Personal, individual, economic and opportunity freedoms.  They need to know their actions, or apathy, affect their freedom.  Their personal accountability counts.

Do you, your family, friends, neighbors, church family and co-workers know your rights, sovereign powers and basis for your Virginia government?  What should your children know – by heart?

Personal accountability and responsibility fit hand-in-glove for the Good People.  It’s our respect for the Rule of Law that separates us from every failed government, faulty experiment, and terrible tyranny of the past – and in the present - for most of the rest of the world. 

It’s up to us, the Good People, to make the Commonwealth of Virginia work well, govern rightly, follow the letter, as well as the spirit, of the Constitution.

For the benefit of the PC Police, the “good” people concept doesn’t imply the better persons in any Liberal definition of identity politics.  Neither race, class nor gender(s) divide or separate the Good People of the Virginia.  They, we, are good in our desire to keep this social contract, our commonwealth, for our common good. 

It’s the task – and great opportunity - for the Virginia First Foundation to help the Good People do their duty. 

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015