Standing for Common Sense in the Locker Room

The VFF is working with like-minded and brave-hearted Virginians across the Commonwealth on the Transgender bathroom issue. 

In May the U.S. Department of Education created the controversy by sending letters to schools and higher education across Virginia dictating guidelines for transgender policies. 

The absurdity of their guidance is only exceeded by the arrogance of their dictates. 

Transgender is not a scientific term for a person.  It can be a psychological disorder.  Moreover, it’s political.  Humans, according to proven, testable biology are male or female.  Just ask your chromosomes. 

We need 134 Virginians to take prepared questions to 134 city and county school boards to get public officials on the record on the transgender folly.  Then, all of Virginia can hold the elected and appointed folks accountable.

Check out our Fathers of Light effort on this VFF website.  

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015