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Sanctuary Cities

In his February 6, 2017 Mayoral Directive, Mayor Levar Stoney has declared the City of Richmond a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants. The order, calling on law enforcement to not participate in Immigration Customs Enforcement agreements, is not creating a culture of inclusion, but rather sends a message that lawlessness will be encouraged in the Commonwealth’s capitol city. The Virginia First Foundation is calling on the Mayor to put the safety, security, and financial stability of Richmond residents ahead of the leftist political agendas being pushed by Governor McAuliffe and his cronies.

Today the Virginia First Foundation will be joining with the citizens of Richmond to announce a petition drive that calls on Mayor Stoney to reverse his administrative action and put Richmonder’s first. These petitions will be delivered to the Mayor over the next few weeks with the hope that he will respond to those that he represents and not continue to take make policy that appeases the special interests of his liberal benefactors



The Virginia First Foundation, in conjunction with the residents of the City of Richmond & the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia who care about the safety and well-being of those living in our capitol city, do hereby call on Mayor Levar Stoney to retract his Mayoral Directive issued on February 6, 2017, effectively declaring the capitol city of Richmond as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. We stand with the city residents to ensure that their community bears no undue hardships due to financial strains and safety concerns from the attraction of those here illegally. 

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  • How about helping our homeless, vets some who are also homeless, and mentally ill or addicted? Get the violence in Richmond under control first.
  • Joe Mills
  • No Sanctuary cities in VA. Use the money to help our vets.
  • Stupid is as stupid does
  • Let’s stop terrorist training camps in VA as well. The FBI knows the locations so why are they still there??
  • Jacqueline L Lucas
  • Make America great again!
  • Enforce the law’s set forth by our Government. It is a felony crime to cross the United States Border illegally.
  • Sign the petition: Sign Our Online Petition
  • Peggy Painter
  • No sanctuary cities in Virginia (period) !!!
  • Sanctuary cities….are sanctuaries from the law…..not in my Commonwealth.

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