Richmond’s Scofflaw for a Sanctuary City

(As submitted to the Richmond Times-Dispatch)
A ‘scofflaw’ mocks the law.  He scoffs at the law.  He doesn’t obey the law because he holds it in contempt.  That’s bad when it’s a punk teenager just rebelling as a phase of life.  It’s awful when it’s an elected official who took an oath to uphold the law.  It’s shameful when the disrespect comes from the Mayor of Richmond – the capitol of our Commonwealth of Virginia.  Mayor Stoney's declaration making Richmond a sanctuary city for illegal aliens scoffs the law so badly, he must be removed.
No mayor, or any other Virginia official, has the right, authority or power to write Federal immigration law.  Any mayor who says he won’t enforce the law violates The Rule of Law.  The Rule of Law is what separates us, Virginia and the United States, from most of the world.  We’ve had representative democracy – and the Rule of Law – since the General Assembly started meeting in a church in 1619.   Changing the culture to keep the Rule of Law for generations to come is the prime focus of the Virginia First Foundation.  If we lose the Rule of Law our culture and civilization – and our freedom, faith, and opportunities are lost.  
Any official who refuses to honor the written laws should be removed from office.  Under our  Virginia Constitution, that means impeachment from the General Assembly or removal from The People though the courts.  If folks in Richmond sign a petition, the mayor can be removed after a hearing in circuit court. It takes 10 percent of the number of voters who voted in his election.  101,617 voted in that election so it would take 10, 162 voters to recall the Mayor. 
If you’re from Richmond, please sign the petition.  If you know someone in Richmond, please ask them to sign the petition.  
It’s estimated there are 800,000 illegal immigrants who are also convicted felons who jumped bail or are otherwise hiding from the police.  The mayor has invited them to come to Richmond and promises the police won’t turn them over to the Federal authorities – as the law requires.  Doesn’t Richmond have enough crime as it is? 
Does Richmond need more low-skilled labor to compete for jobs? Does Richmond need more people to take away government subsidized housing and drive up the costs of city and state services?  
Most importantly, if the Mayor can decide which laws to obey or not, what’s next?  If the mayor can make up laws instead of following Virginia and US law, what’s next?
When the mayor mocks the Rule of Law, he mocks the election rules that got him elected.  He mocks the people who elected him.   He is playing the people as cynically as a political pimp.  He disrespects every citizen, because he places himself above the law.  The rules and law don’t apply or matter to the mayor.  
Declaring Richmond a Sanctuary City is a direct insult to every citizen – even if they support open borders and more illegal immigrants  - because the law ignored is the law scoffed and the Rule of Law trashed.  The Rule of Law that makes our culture, civilization, Country, Commonwealth and communities more safe, free and great is threatened.  If the mayor can choose laws to obey and make up others, then so will city council, judges, the cop on the beat, the teacher in the classroom, and everyone else who scoffs at the law. 
Without the Rule of Law, rulers can dictate laws as they like – to become tyrants.  You know what Virginia thinks about tyrants.  Sic Semper Tyrannis.     

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015