OpEd by Delegate Ramadan Supports VFF Opinion: Repeal COPN in Virginia – End Supply-Side Obamacare

In a recent OpEd in the Loudoun Times, Del. David Ramadan asks the logical question, “With Hospitals, How Big is Too Big?”

In this OpEd, his opinions certainly support our adamant belief at the Virginia First Foundation: We must REPEAL the COPN Law in Virginia and End supply-side Obamacare!

Ramadan offers, “It’s not up to Inova or any other hospital system to make that decision. It’s up to the people of Virginia. And when it comes to their health care, Virginians have the right to choices, not monopolies – even if they are not for profit. So before we consider expanding entitlements, let us reform our health care system.

...I came across another study from the Thomas Jefferson Institute (TJI) which indicates otherwise. The nonprofit Inova Health Systems had a 2013 Virginia net income of $160,435,032 with multiple executives taking home in excess of $1 million in compensation. Its group-wide excess of revenue over expenses was $662,468,000 for the same year. And they have over $1 billion sitting in their foundation...as TJI pointed out last month, Medicaid expansion is in no way necessary to keep these hospitals afloat, and the system needs reform.” 

To read Del. Ramadan’s full opinion piece in the Loudon Times click here: http://www.loudountimes.com/letters/article/del._ramadan_with_hospitals_how_big_is_too_big


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Tuesday, November 3, 2015