No to Sharia Law, Yes to the Rule of Law

Last weekend there were 30 marches across the country against Sharia Law. That’s a good start. Public demonstrations are a lot of time and effort, but there important to inform politicians in power. Using our Right to peacefully assemble and petition for a governmental redress of grievances is needed to tell the pols how important some issues are. Stopping Sharia Law and keeping our Rule of Law is about as important an issue as Virginians will ever face.

Anyone who supports Sharia Law doesn’t know what it is and how it is applied around the world or they don’t know our Rule of Law. Our Rule of Law provides for laws and regulations at the local, state and federal levels that apply to all Americans. No exceptions. No special privileges – at least there aren’t supposed to be any. No second set of laws that only apply to some people.
There’s no separation of mosque and state in Islam. There’s been a separation of church and state in America since Thomas Jefferson’s Statute on Religious Freedom lead all the states - ended the official church in Virginia in 1787. Virginians need to keep it that way.

The Virginia First Foundation is ready, willing and able to educate Virginia’s elected officials and electorate on why No to Sharia Law is Yes to the Rule of Law, Freedom and the best possible future Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015