Stop Medicaid Expansion

Do Not Expand Medicaid in Virginia

Whereas, providing individual medical insurance isn’t a function of the limited powers of the Federal Government (GOTUS) in our U.S. Constitution; and

Whereas, regulating the business of medical services is one of the plenary powers of the sovereign states, including our Commonwealth of Virginia, in our U.S. Constitution; and

Whereas, Medicaid is a flawed, bureaucratic program rife with inefficiencies and records of fraud which increased its share of Virginia’s general fund spending from 14% to 22% in 9 years; and

Whereas, the House of Delegates budget expanding Medicaid creates a $350-400 million shortfall; and

Whereas, the Senate budget pays for Medicaid – prior to the expansion – by eliminating the 2% raise for Virginia’s school teacher; and

Whereas, the JLARC review of the Medicaid Virginia’s Medicaid program shows VA already provides medical, long-term care, and behavioral health services to more than 1 million Virginians each year with an unreliable screening process and cost ineffective services; and

Whereas,present problems require at least 34 administrative, regulatory bureaucratic interventions to improve, but not fix completely, the failing quality of Federal medical insurance; and

Whereas, the Commonwealth will tax The Good People of Virginia to give free medical insurance to persons earning 138% of the poverty level (almost $34k for a family of four); and

Whereas, expansion of Health Savings Accounts far beyond the proposed House budget is a better way for the working poor and middle class Virginians to buy their own medical services; and

Whereas, the individual, not the Federal or State Government, should have the freedom and opportunity provide and regulate their own medical services – based on their individual choices of insurance, savings and employment, as well as family, church, business and community charity to augment HSAs; and

Whereas, Medicaid costs to the Commonwealth are likely, as past is prologue, to expand expensively with no increase in quality or quantity of medical services in Virginia; and

Whereas, the U.S. Constitution, the principles of Conservative good government, and practice of providing medical services for the poorest Virginians demand an answer other than federal, socialized medicine in expanding Medicaid;

We, the undersigned, and the Virginia First Foundation appeal to the majority members of the Virginia General Assembly to NOT expand Medicaid in Virginia.

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  • Sign the petition: Stop Medicaid Expansion
  • Sign the petition: Stop Medicaid Expansion
  • Expanding Medicaid is unsustainable and a disservice to Virginia taxpayers.
  • Sign the petition: Stop Medicaid Expansion
  • Linda Meyer
  • Lin-Dia Kendall
  • Obama took money from Medicare & gave it to Medicaid already. DO NOT EXPAND MEDICAID.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015