If Terry McAuliffe Were a Virginian

If Terry McAuliffe were a Virginian, instead of merely the Governor of Virginia, he wouldn’t be beating up the Sons of Confederate Veterans over the specialty license plate.  A Virginian wouldn’t bully a politically impotent fraternal society.  But, Terry is just a DC pol.  Certainly, Virginia has had scurrilous and sleazy politicians before.  But, the Good People of Virginia didn’t hold them in any regard. 

Trying to get in the act of the well-orchestrated furor over the Confederate Battle Flag, Terry is playing to his political base.  His politically correct, historically-ignorant or biased, and culturally-bigoted voters in Virginia are part of the challenge for the Virginia First Foundation.  We want to help his folks.  We want a better Virginia – and to be represented by Virginians.

Suppressing a symbol is a cheap political trick after a mass murder.  Blaming a flag, history and a culture plays to the worst divisions of race and region.  It wasn’t so when, in fact, the worst mass murder happened here in Virginia.

Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people and wounded 17 others at Virginia Tech.  He committed suicide.  Virginia was heart-broken.  Virginia wept. 

No one implicated Korean immigrants in particular or Asians in general or anything else - other than mental illness when he killed.  It seemed odd when a Korean community leader expressed his deep shame at the murders and worried about retributions.  Of course, there were none.  It was Virginia in 2007.

Yet, in 2015 the erstwhile Governor of the Commonwealth wants to ban a Virginia vanity license plate with a symbol of a Confederate Flag.  Even though the courts say it’s free speech.  He can insult the descendants of Virginia’s soldiers, because it’ll cost him nothing politically.  But, such petty attacks on free speech – Government telling Virginians what they can say and do and what they can’t say or do – add to the body blows to freedom. 

Virginians must be free.

Virginia is a live and let live culture.  We must win the culture war over the Puritan Liberals to stay so.  

More Virginians died fighting the invasion of Virginia than all wars put together.  Over 2,000 combats took place across Virginia.  The suffering was Biblical.  The courage was unsurpassed in Virginia history – and bred the men and women who served so valiantly in wars to follow.  It was a complex war, not a comic book of politically correct history and hate.

Honor and respect are on a two way street.  Virginia’s future to lead – be first again in so many wonderful ways for all of America – should include mutual respect among all Virginians.  Honor the best of the past.  Like real courage. 

By the way, dear Virginians, please don’t tell Terry what blue flag every Virginia regiment carried in the Confederate Army.  

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  • Terry McAulful should go back to up state New York. It is a shame that he got elected after he was rejected once in the Democratic primary in Virginia and by the voters of Florida. He is just a Clinton flunky and probably should have gone to jail with Bill, the serial rapist , and Hill the crooked lawyer. We may still get her yet!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015