Historic Election of 2016

The colors on the U.S. election map of 2016 shifted. Some Blue Democrat states turned Red Republican. Some swing states are becoming increasingly Blue, like Virginia. While every election is unique, 2016 was a Democrat win by over 100 thousand votes. The win comes from just 8 cities and counties - the cities with a large enough black population and Northern Virginia to swing our state. The significance of the swing for the Commonwealth of Virginia is the ability of 8 cities and counties to determine the state-wide elections for the remaining 125 cities and counties. Such an imbalance of power has consequences.

The Virginia First Foundation’s interest in the divisions across Virginia is how to change the culture on both sides of the divide – so a powerful majority of Virginians believe, support and honor the Rule of Law, Constitutionally-limited government, personal and economic opportunity and freedoms based on our historical, traditional Judeo-Christian culture.

We work to promote ideas. Not identity politics. Promoting the politically correct list of protected and celebrated classes of persons – group identities – is suicidal for Virginia. Because ultimately such a division of Virginians will cause too many people to self-identify solely in their “otherness” from the pandered population. That “otherness”, if you read the hysteria from the losing side of this election, is labeled as racist, bigoted, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic, ignorant, Confederate and redneck, etc. And, their enemy is White. That is the problem with identity politics.

The ascending idea in identity politics since the Civil Rights struggle is racial integration. Integration as preached by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. remains the preeminent ascending idea. But the (Liberals Progressives Socialists Human Secularists Communists) Left will keep pushing identity politics, special privileges, and accusing the innocent of imaginary White Privilege until too many Virginians identify and act politically as Whites. Such a division will be a disaster for Virginia.

We want folks to think of themselves as “Virginians.” That includes all the legal immigrants who are new Virginians by choice. Our Virginia has a great heritage and awesome potential for the future if we live as connected communities of Virginians. The Virginia First Foundation promotes E Pluribus Unum, from many to one, in Virginia. Integrating every identity into Virginians - united by the Rule of Law.

Nice and tidy.

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Vote Virginia's Values,
Vote Conservative.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015