High Crimes and Treason Hokum

July 6th, 2015 at a “town hall” meeting, Congressman Rob Wittman, was asked - when will he submit the articles of impeachment against the five justices who re-defined marriage?  Aw shucks, he replied, their decision doesn’t rise to the level of high crimes and treason.  The Constitutional remedy is legislation from Congress, he continued, not impeachment. 

Except, the Constitution (Article 2, Section 4) says impeachment is for Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.  Congressman Wittman, R-VA 1, said “high crimes and treason’ several times.  He left off misdemeanors.  How convenient.

How disingenuous, what hokum, to say that re-defining marriage isn’t a high crime.  The career politician allowed how people interpret ‘high crime’ differently – subjectively.  However, the law is less about feelings and more about what’s written.

The Founding Fathers used the English common law terms High Crimes and Misdemeanors without explanation, because every person knowing the law, knew what they meant.  High crimes aren’t terrible things like mass murder.  The high in high crimes is the station where the crime is committed.  An official, because he takes an oath of office for his position of authority, makes his simple crimes become ‘high’ crime.  A common thief can’t commit a high crime.  Supreme Court justices do it.  

Wittman raises a false bar when he says a decision as damaging as Dred Scott’s endorsing slavery and Roe v Wade’s creating a ‘right’ to abortion doesn’t demand impeachment. 

The phrase "high crimes and misdemeanors" doesn’t create any bar or challenging criteria to determine guilt. Quite the opposite.  High Crimes covers a very broad range of crimes.  It includes misadministration in high office.  And, the abuse of power. 

I remember being in the crowd when Herb Bateman was re-elected, R-VA 1, in 1998 as he predicted President Bill Clinton would be impeached.  For lying to a grand jury.  Herb voted to impeach Clinton.  Yet, when five black-robed priest-kings made up law, over-turned the Constitutions and laws of 36 states, to decree the undoing of Judeo-Christian marriage after thousands of years, Cong. Wittman did nothing. 

Wittman wants future legislation to protect Christians from persecution over homosexual marriage.  Not sure how that works when the Courts can overturn anything written and do as they please with impunity.  Yet, the fact remains, he’ll do nothing to undo the Courts’ illegal and unconstitutional abuse of power.  His excuse, and he’s sticking to it, is the ‘high crimes’ hokum that judicial tyranny isn’t a high crime. 

Five justices, just five old liberal lawyers, made up law and destroyed marriage with the added evil effect of making the government say to the children procured by homosexuals and lesbians, “You will never have a mother and a father.  You will never have the chance to have a mother and father.  Ever.” 

How immoral for government.  How clueless for The People’s elected Representatives to not use the power given them to return the Constitution to the status quo ante – the day before five justices attacked the Rule of Law, the U.S and Virginia Constitutions, and the institutions of marriage and family, as well as helpless children themselves.

Congressman Rob Wittman counts on sufficient ignorance and apathy among The People to protect him politically.  He can get away with platitudes about high crimes – especially when he holds a town hall, less than 30 people show up, but no questions or discussion are allowed directly from the folks.  Questions may only be asked by the moderator – on the 3x5 cards submitted.  When asked why he needed a moderator, Rob said, “For order.”  Sure.  Such order is needed when you can’t handle any give and take with your constituents.  Keep the peasants quiet.    

Virginia needs Representatives in Congress who will defend marriage and children.  Representatives who aren’t afraid to impeach judges.  Restore our Constitutions.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015