Fathers of Light

On May 13, 2016, the United States Departments of Justice and Education corresponded (see here) with every public school and university in America that accommodations must be made for the few students who are uncomfortable with their biological identity as noted on their birth certificate. This edict included a threat of withholding federal dollars from school systems that do not comply. Ignoring the privacy rights of students and common sense, this ultimatum, if not resisted, will force students to disrobe, shower, or share a bathroom with someone of the opposite sex.

More than a dozen states have filed suit declaring that schools in their state will not use children as guinea pigs for misguided social experimentation. Virginia’s Attorney General will not join with other states who want to protect the rights of all children. When elected officials refuse to uphold the law, concerned citizens must stand up for the rights of our children.

Every family needs to know if their local School Boards and Board of Supervisors will violate the privacy rights of children. Every elected official needs to be on record as to whether federal dollars will override our children’s best interests. Without a vote, board accountability and family decisions will be hindered.

You are needed to make sure that your city or county’s boards are on record - choosing either to succumb to federal dollar extortion or support decency and privacy rights of local families. Here is the plan for every county in Virginia:

  • Personally contact every School Board and Board of Supervisors member, asking him/her whether they support families or funding. Keep a record.

  • Provide copies of the ADF’s “Student Physical Privacy Policy” brief to school administrators and every member of each board.

  • Find one board member who will seek a board vote to include this policy in the policy manual.

  • Go to meetings and publicly speak in open forums until each board publicly votes on this issue.

Getting a public vote by is essential. A secondary request may be needed from the boards later that will again hold boards accountable to their support of this policy.

The Virginia First Foundation team will host, "Fathers of Light" conference calls to explain a step by step procedure for maximum success.

Make sure your municipality is on record regarding the “Student Physical Privacy Policy.” Also, please sign up to be a volunteer and help the cause of families throughout Virginia. Concerned citizens of Virginia must stand up for the privacy and decency rights of all children and grandchildren. This is our time.


Pastor Travis E. Witt,

Project Director "Fathers of Light"


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  • Deepa Sharma
    I read it whole and going to share on my social circles. I enjoyed your article and planning to rewrite it on my own blog
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