A few words on Charlottesville

Let us pray and grieve with the families of the three people killed in Charlottesville. Let’s honor the brave, honorable service of State Police, Lt. H Jay Cullen and Trooper Berke M.M. Bates. Rest in peace.

The Virginia First Foundation condemns any and every person or group that advocates or commits political violence. All – Left and Right. Frankly, that’s easy to do.

Also, VFF chastises any elected official or political party person who doesn’t condemn both sides in Charlottesville’s riot.
Furthermore, VFF condemns the identity politics of the Left and Right, Democrats and Republicans and all others. It’s fundamentally wrong and ultimately dangerous to pursue the politics of white, black, Hispanic or Asian identity, gender, sexual behavior, or any other perpetual victim group or “protected classes of persons.” Dividing people into groups gives rise to groups that threaten the body – the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Specifically, more white identity in the future will not go well. The morally ascendant idea since the Civil Rights Movement has been for racial integration. It’s been the higher, better right thing for Whites to not think and vote as Whites – separate from other citizens. Yet, that’s what more identity division will beget.

The overwhelming majority of Whites in Virginia, who were raised in Southern Culture, had a transformation of the heart on race. The Christian message of Dr. Martin Luther King struck the Christian chords of Southerners to change their heart. Most believing Whites assumed a Christian identity first and foremost. Consequently, VFF repudiates, rejects, reviles White identity - ideas and politics.

And, VFF makes a key distinction that rejects White identity politics and supports Confederate heritage as part of Virginia history politics. Current White identity, KKK, alt.right, NAZI, white tribalism, etc. needs to be kept very distant from Confederate history and heritage advocacy. All of the Left and extreme Right reject that difference – and want to lump Confederates, NAZIs and the Klan together as the Right. Wrong. The NAZIs and Klan with their traveling companions are so extreme that they are actually big government, Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel Leftists.

VFF calls on the City of Charlottesville to restore the Rule of Law. When a despicable group exercises their right of free speech, do a better job of keeping opposing despicables from the other side far away. Make more arrests, sooner.

And, City of Charlottesville stop culturally cleansing your city of all things Confederate. Let history be. Let it live and learn from it.

VFF calls on all Virginians to not let their exercised emotions push for limits on speech – even so-called hate speech, assembly or the right to petition government. Don’t limit freedom because of out-of-state extremists.
If Virginians must have identity politics – go with Virginian American Christian. Lead in liberty. Respect individual freedoms. Love one another.


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Tuesday, November 3, 2015