More Diversity on Monument Avenue

The divisive, Sanctuary City mayor of Richmond, Levar Stoney is appointing a commission to look at adding “diversity” and context to the Confederate soldier statues on Monument Avenue. Mayor Stoney reportedly said, "It’s our time; it’s our responsibility to set the historical record straight on Monument Avenue’s confederate statuary.” "Equal parts myth and deception, they were the ‘alternative facts’ of their time – a false narrative etched in stone and bronze more than 100 years ago – not only to lionize the architects and defenders of slavery – but to perpetuate the tyranny and terror of Jim Crow and reassert a new era of white supremacy." Now, that’s creative writing.

The architects of slavery date at least to the end of the last Ice Age. No monuments to them in Richmond.

The defenders of slavery?

That would be the U.S. Supreme Court in the Dred Scott Case. No monuments to them, either. The statues on Monument Avenue weren’t about Jim Crow. In those days, the Democrats who got elected with racially divisive politics wouldn’t hesitate to build a statue to Simon Legree whipping a slave – if they intended to assert white supremacy. Read their speeches.

The Virginia First Foundation understands the commission is about racial politics playing well enough to keep Democrats elected. We doubt the commission will have any diversity of ideas or context beyond the accepted Liberal Left PC alternative facts of this bizarre time. VFF knows “diversity” is dog whistle, Liberal Left code for “other than White males.” If such diversity is needed for Monument Avenue, we genuinely propose adding greater context to statues to heroes of Virginia’s most costly war ever. Add these statues:

  • Jewish Confederate Cabinet member - Judah Benjamin. The South produced the first Jewish Senator for the US. The Confederacy had the only Jewish Cabinet member.
  • Cherokee Indian Confederate General - BG Stand Watie. There were no general officers in the Union Army. A great plaque would be the actual Indian tribes’ articles of secession from the Union.
  • Confederate Captain Sally Louisa Tompkins – Commissioned in the CSA. There were no commissioned women officers in the Union Army, just contract officers. CPT Tompkins saved many lives and returned many to fight again when she ran Robertson Hospital.
  • Confederate Black Soldiers - Show a symbol of the 45 black men, armed to the teeth, who fought in the Escort Company to the Confederate Nathan Bedford Forrest (Yes, that Forrest) as slaves and then continued fighting for 18 months as free men.
  • Confederate Hispanic Soldiers - Choose an icon, there are so many choices, from the Hispanic men and officers in Confederate Texas regiments.

And, finally, a sort of summary statue could be to “All the Victims of Yankee War Crimes 1861-65”.

Maybe add “and depredations of Occupation 1866-1876”. (Virginia was readmitted to the Union in 1870 – which always begs the question, “If States can NOT secede legally, then why must they be readmitted?”).

The list of War Crimes could include the general burning of the Shenandoah Valley for the hunger-related deaths it caused, or specifically name Mosby’s murdered men. It could mention the rapes of liberated slave women and state specific homes looted, on and on.

Let’s tell all the history, not PC cartoon memes, for greater context. Yes, War is Hell (Thank you,General Sherman), so Virginia’s war monuments should speak of courage, duty and honor - not culture war.

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Politics Is But One Path

Politics Is But One Path, But an Important One
Congratulations to the 2017 winners of the Democrat and Republican primaries in Virginia. Less one in five Virginia voters exercised their right to vote. Yet, in November more than one in five will likely complain about the choices they have on the ballots. Too bad. Democratic institutions get what they deserve in what they vote.

The Virginia First Foundation knows that politics is only one path of about 10 that change a culture. But, politics is very important because it leads to the power that effects many other paths to change – education, law and justice, economics, media, etc. VFF’s mission is to help educate Virginians on the choices they have and the consequences of their votes.

Ignorance, apathy or anger that excludes Virginians from participating in the simplest exercise in freedom – showing up to vote – is bad for Virginia.

VFF encourages Virginians to get involved in every elective race – for public or party office and at every level of office – city, county, Commonwealth or Federal.

We’ve had state-wide elections determined by less than 100 votes. Your vote always matters.
VFF can come to any community and teach how to get involved in city and county elections. We’ll show why those elections matter. We’ll give you every insight, based on proven experience, on how to make a difference in your community. For Virginia.

Invite us to your community, group, or contact us by yourself.


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No to Sharia Law, Yes to the Rule of Law

Last weekend there were 30 marches across the country against Sharia Law. That’s a good start. Public demonstrations are a lot of time and effort, but there important to inform politicians in power. Using our Right to peacefully assemble and petition for a governmental redress of grievances is needed to tell the pols how important some issues are. Stopping Sharia Law and keeping our Rule of Law is about as important an issue as Virginians will ever face.

Anyone who supports Sharia Law doesn’t know what it is and how it is applied around the world or they don’t know our Rule of Law. Our Rule of Law provides for laws and regulations at the local, state and federal levels that apply to all Americans. No exceptions. No special privileges – at least there aren’t supposed to be any. No second set of laws that only apply to some people.
There’s no separation of mosque and state in Islam. There’s been a separation of church and state in America since Thomas Jefferson’s Statute on Religious Freedom lead all the states - ended the official church in Virginia in 1787. Virginians need to keep it that way.

The Virginia First Foundation is ready, willing and able to educate Virginia’s elected officials and electorate on why No to Sharia Law is Yes to the Rule of Law, Freedom and the best possible future Commonwealth of Virginia.

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They Hate Virginia’s Dead

They want to tear down every Confederate statue and memorial. They hate so much that they hate our Virginia dead.

Does Virginia’s history – all of it – belong to all Virginians?  Or, is history only applicable to identity politics – the division of Virginians into protected classes of persons, permanent victims, perpetual privileged oppressors, and other categories. 

(How ironic that the long list of groups is created by the people who preach inclusion and practice division!) 

Can a new Virginian, say a legal immigrant who barely speaks English, take pride in the ideas of the Founders?  Or, does the glory of Virginia authorship of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights only go to Virginians whose ancestors were here then?

Can all Virginians celebrate the victory of the Civil Rights movement to end segregation or is that for Black Virginians only?

 Think about it.

 How can a Virginia descendant of slaves be proud of a Confederate monument?  Easy.

  • Recognize the sins of slavery and segregation are cleansed from Virginia and be thankful.
  • Admire the courage, honor and fidelity of Virginians who fought to defend their home from invasion.  More Virginians died fighting for Virginia than in all wars put together.  Recognize what an epic event this war was for Virginia.  Hope future Virginians share their fighting spirit and skill to defend our home.
  • Respect the profound Christian faith of so many soldiers and leaders like Lee and Jackson.  Winston Churchill wrote the Army of Northern Virginia was the most devoutly Christian army that ever marched.  Teach boys to be good men like them. 
  • Honor the military genius of Lee and Jackson and hope it passes to future generations of Virginians. 
  • Acknowledge how your ancestors may have supported Virginia’s defense since 6 out 7 slaves never left their homes.  Tens of thousands of Blacks served in the Confederate Army and never deserted.   
  • Know that Confederate veterans are American veterans under Public Law, U.S. Code and deserve equal respect.
  • Love your neighbors whose ancestors fought, bled and died for Virginia as you love yourself.  Live and let live.  Make toleration a two-way street. 
  • Teach your children to never fight another civil war in Virginia.  Never again. 
  • Make “Virginians Lives Matter” a motto to live by.
  • Don’t be so sick as to hate dead people.    
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Governor McAuliffe Wants to Cheat at Monopoly

When you were a kid, did you have a family member or friend who would never play by the rules of a board game? Playing Monopoly they’d insist there was a reason to not pay rent, get out of jail, or whatever suited them. They’d weasel word, “Well, our family plays be these different rules.” They tried to cheat, even though the rules were clearly written out. It’s annoying and frustrating behavior for a child. It’s dangerous and threatening behavior for elected officials – as with the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe.

Governor McAuliffe signed Executive Order 65 to expand Medicaid, even though he doesn’t have the authority.
The Governor of Virginia is very powerful. That’s why we have a one-term only Governor in Virginia. Because such power corrupts. When a Governor makes up new powers, his corruption and abuse of power is self-evident. His disdain and disrespect for the Rule of Law is on record – and should be held to account.

In Virginia, the Governor can’t use his line item veto for specific words, but has to veto the entire line item. For example, if a bill authorized higher tolls in 3 named roads in Northern VA, the Governor can’t pick one road or two to veto the toll. He has to veto the all the tolls or none.

When, the General Assembly voted the Medicaid appropriation and said, specifically, that Medicaid couldn’t be expanded, the Governor signed an Executive Order saying he would ignore that instruction.

Except, the budget is the law in Virginia. Executive orders aren’t. When the Governor tries to overrule the law with an Executive Order, he is cheating like a petulant child flipping over the Monopoly board.

The Speaker of the House, Bill Howell, released this legal opinion, ““Whether to extend Medicaid coverage to individuals who do not fit the current statutory requirements established by Virginia law is a quintessential legislative decision. Nothing in Virginia statutory or constitutional law empowers the Governor to make that decision unilaterally, let alone to execute that decision without the requisite appropriation of funds from the General Assembly. There is simply no constitutional path for the Governor to expand Virginia’s Medicaid program without obtaining the requisite authority and appropriation of funds from the General Assembly to do so."

The Virginia First Foundation urges the General Assembly to take whatever action is necessary to stop the Governor from violating the Rule of Law.

Furthermore, the General Assembly should hold the Governor accountable with whatever is the strongest, clearest accountability they can muster.

Virginians should inform their Virginia Delegates and Senators, they want to be represented by public censure or impeachment – to restore respect for the Rule of Law in Virginia. The General Assembly failed to act when the Attorney General violated his oath to defend the Virginia Constitution. They shouldn’t be allowed by The People to fail to do their duty again.


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Comey and the Rule of Law

Here's a new post from Board Member, James Bowden

The firing of FBI Director James Comey is a great illustration of what the Virginia First Foundation is about. It shows how the Rule of Law should work. And, why the Rule of Law matters.

The FBI is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Public law, our U.S. Code, Justice Department Regulations and Presidential Executive Orders set in writing what the FBI is supposed to do. And, the limits of its authority and power. The FBI and its Director are subject to the Rule of Law.

The Rule of Law means obeying the law and working within the rules. All of them. When the law and rules are wrong, we should work to change them. But, we must follow the law or accept the consequences of civil disobedience under the law until bad laws are changed. Moreover, the laws and rules must apply to everyone equally. No matter what. Everyone must be equal before the law.

Now, go back to 2016. When the FBI discovers someone may have broken many Federal laws and regulations on protecting classified information, they have to go to their bosses in the Justice Department to get the full, legal authority to conduct an investigation which may result in arrest and trial for crimes committed. If the bosses, who are political appointees with executive authority to run the Federal government, refuse to allow the investigation – even though there is clear evidence of crime – the FBI Director has a choice. He can do as he is told to not investigate or he can quit in protest.

If the Director holds a press conference to announce there won’t be a proper investigation – and lists all the violations of the law - he broke the rules he works under. He violated the Rule of Law.

If the Director says the internal FBI investigation found criminal violations but makes up a standard of “intent” – which isn’t in the U.S. Code, he violated the Rule of Law.

If the Director holds another press conference right before the election to announce more findings from a fatally flawed, half-hearted investigation, he is usurping the role of his boss. He violated the Rule of Law.

When the law means one thing to the average government worker, but doesn’t apply to Hillary Clinton, there is no Rule of Law. The President, if he knows, and the Justice Department officials violate their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution when they don’t do their duty. The FBI Director who doesn’t quit in protest isn’t doing his duty.

The Virginia First Foundation is about creating a culture in Virginia where we support the Rule of Law overwhelmingly, passionately and with resolute conviction.

The FBI Director should have resigned in protest. When he didn’t, he should have been fired for breaking the rules in July 2016.
In Virginia our current Attorney General took an oath to uphold the Constitution of Virginia. Under the Rule of Law, it’s his job to defend our Constitution in court. When our Marriage Amendment was challenged, the Attorney General didn’t defend our Constitution as he swore on a Bible to do – because he didn’t like the Amendment. He violated the Rule of Law. The Virginia General Assembly – both parties included – should have impeached him.

VFF works for a Virginia where the Attorney General shouldn't violate the Rule of Law, and the General Assembly should hold all officials accountable to the Rule of Law

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Richmond’s Scofflaw for a Sanctuary City

(As submitted to the Richmond Times-Dispatch)
A ‘scofflaw’ mocks the law.  He scoffs at the law.  He doesn’t obey the law because he holds it in contempt.  That’s bad when it’s a punk teenager just rebelling as a phase of life.  It’s awful when it’s an elected official who took an oath to uphold the law.  It’s shameful when the disrespect comes from the Mayor of Richmond – the capitol of our Commonwealth of Virginia.  Mayor Stoney's declaration making Richmond a sanctuary city for illegal aliens scoffs the law so badly, he must be removed.
No mayor, or any other Virginia official, has the right, authority or power to write Federal immigration law.  Any mayor who says he won’t enforce the law violates The Rule of Law.  The Rule of Law is what separates us, Virginia and the United States, from most of the world.  We’ve had representative democracy – and the Rule of Law – since the General Assembly started meeting in a church in 1619.   Changing the culture to keep the Rule of Law for generations to come is the prime focus of the Virginia First Foundation.  If we lose the Rule of Law our culture and civilization – and our freedom, faith, and opportunities are lost.  
Any official who refuses to honor the written laws should be removed from office.  Under our  Virginia Constitution, that means impeachment from the General Assembly or removal from The People though the courts.  If folks in Richmond sign a petition, the mayor can be removed after a hearing in circuit court. It takes 10 percent of the number of voters who voted in his election.  101,617 voted in that election so it would take 10, 162 voters to recall the Mayor. 
If you’re from Richmond, please sign the petition.  If you know someone in Richmond, please ask them to sign the petition.  
It’s estimated there are 800,000 illegal immigrants who are also convicted felons who jumped bail or are otherwise hiding from the police.  The mayor has invited them to come to Richmond and promises the police won’t turn them over to the Federal authorities – as the law requires.  Doesn’t Richmond have enough crime as it is? 
Does Richmond need more low-skilled labor to compete for jobs? Does Richmond need more people to take away government subsidized housing and drive up the costs of city and state services?  
Most importantly, if the Mayor can decide which laws to obey or not, what’s next?  If the mayor can make up laws instead of following Virginia and US law, what’s next?
When the mayor mocks the Rule of Law, he mocks the election rules that got him elected.  He mocks the people who elected him.   He is playing the people as cynically as a political pimp.  He disrespects every citizen, because he places himself above the law.  The rules and law don’t apply or matter to the mayor.  
Declaring Richmond a Sanctuary City is a direct insult to every citizen – even if they support open borders and more illegal immigrants  - because the law ignored is the law scoffed and the Rule of Law trashed.  The Rule of Law that makes our culture, civilization, Country, Commonwealth and communities more safe, free and great is threatened.  If the mayor can choose laws to obey and make up others, then so will city council, judges, the cop on the beat, the teacher in the classroom, and everyone else who scoffs at the law. 
Without the Rule of Law, rulers can dictate laws as they like – to become tyrants.  You know what Virginia thinks about tyrants.  Sic Semper Tyrannis.     
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One of Richmond’s “Heritage” Churches Cancels Islam History Presentation

This Op/Ed was sent to the Richmond Times-Dispatch and was rejected. I guess they are not interested in posting opinion pieces about these topics. 

The cancellation announcement of Bill Federer’s presentation two days before he was to speak about Islam at Grove Avenue Baptist Church in Richmond on December 2 was surprising. The event was sponsored by Virginia Christian Alliance (VCA) and Hope for Israel. Grove Avenue advertised the event on Sundays and through other media venues. VCA’s email notification said Federer’s lecture would be rescheduled at another location.

Obviously, the speaker did not renege. Grove Avenue would be used when a different date was determined. Federer lives in Virginia Beach and his travel expenses and accommodations would not create a financial burden for the hosts. VCA and Hope for Israel were hosting one of the foremost American and world historians. The expected numbers of those attending were strong. Leading up to the final days before the event, something happened to the leadership of Grove Avenue Baptist Church stopping the lecture – intimidation.

Interfaith groups in the Richmond area heard about Federer’s presentation. Several phone calls were made and emails were sent to Grove Avenue asking them to cancel the event because “Federer is a radical who does not compromise biblical absolutes or historical truths”. Coercive and intolerant pressure from those who believe we can “Coexist”, sing Kum ba yah so the world will get along, reject certain passages in the Word of God, and revise history forced Grove Avenue leadership to capitulate. Agree and you are tolerated. Disagree, and the ‘tolerant’ demand silence.

What happened to the backbone of the American pastor or the American church? The Federer lecture at Grove Avenue is not some isolated incident. Churches throughout America are kowtowing to political, multicultural bullies willing to verbally threaten and intimidate pastors. Church leadership now fears man’s threats rather than God’s directives.

Revolutionary pastors were willing to die to maintain the right to preach the uncompromised Word of God and live without governmental oversight or restraints. John Adams declared that pastors were the reason America won the war with Great Britain. Pastors were the moral megaphone in this nation…until the 1954 Johnston amendment.

Today, America’s ethical voice has been neutered by what Arnold Toynbee calls a “schism of the soul”. In his book, A Study of History, Toynbee stated that America has blended religious traditions and can no longer declare with certainty any distinction between good and evil. Isaiah 5:20 warns, “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” Does the American church know and declare these differences?

The Federer cancellation at Grove Avenue Baptist Church is a microcosm of a greater issue. The American church continues to walk away from truth. She fails to speak truth to power and refuses to stand firm on fundamental issues.

A recent survey revealed that most Christians want biblical answers for current issues - abortion, Islam, immigration, etc. Yet a vast majority of ministers refuse to address these controversial subjects.

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Historic Election of 2016

The colors on the U.S. election map of 2016 shifted. Some Blue Democrat states turned Red Republican. Some swing states are becoming increasingly Blue, like Virginia. While every election is unique, 2016 was a Democrat win by over 100 thousand votes. The win comes from just 8 cities and counties - the cities with a large enough black population and Northern Virginia to swing our state. The significance of the swing for the Commonwealth of Virginia is the ability of 8 cities and counties to determine the state-wide elections for the remaining 125 cities and counties. Such an imbalance of power has consequences.

The Virginia First Foundation’s interest in the divisions across Virginia is how to change the culture on both sides of the divide – so a powerful majority of Virginians believe, support and honor the Rule of Law, Constitutionally-limited government, personal and economic opportunity and freedoms based on our historical, traditional Judeo-Christian culture.

We work to promote ideas. Not identity politics. Promoting the politically correct list of protected and celebrated classes of persons – group identities – is suicidal for Virginia. Because ultimately such a division of Virginians will cause too many people to self-identify solely in their “otherness” from the pandered population. That “otherness”, if you read the hysteria from the losing side of this election, is labeled as racist, bigoted, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic, ignorant, Confederate and redneck, etc. And, their enemy is White. That is the problem with identity politics.

The ascending idea in identity politics since the Civil Rights struggle is racial integration. Integration as preached by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. remains the preeminent ascending idea. But the (Liberals Progressives Socialists Human Secularists Communists) Left will keep pushing identity politics, special privileges, and accusing the innocent of imaginary White Privilege until too many Virginians identify and act politically as Whites. Such a division will be a disaster for Virginia.

We want folks to think of themselves as “Virginians.” That includes all the legal immigrants who are new Virginians by choice. Our Virginia has a great heritage and awesome potential for the future if we live as connected communities of Virginians. The Virginia First Foundation promotes E Pluribus Unum, from many to one, in Virginia. Integrating every identity into Virginians - united by the Rule of Law.

Nice and tidy.

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Virginia Right to Life

Every Virginian has the right to life. From the moment of conception in the womb until the last breath of the most aged, ill, infirm, or handicapped person, we Virginians all have a right to life. Abortion on demand is a direct assault on that most precious right. The U.S. Supreme Courts unconstitutional ruling establishing a right to choose to abort, kill, babies in the womb is a wrongful re-writing of the Constitution. Just as the Supreme Court ruled slavery was the law of the land and Blacks couldn’t really be citizens in the Dred Scott decision, the Roe v Wade ruling is an awful affront to the Constitution, humanity and morality for all Americans.
Virginia’s Family Foundation is leading the fight in the General Assembly to right the wrongs imposed by Federal judges. Recently, the leader of our Family Foundation, Victoria Cobb, reported that Virginia’s Board of Health voted to lower health and safety standards in Virginia’s abortion mills.

Virginia’s General Assembly established standards for women’s health. The Board of Health voted 11-4 to go against the will of The People – as expressed in the Code of Virginia. “The actions of the Board of Health violated state law, by making votes that were outside the original “Notice of Intended Regulatory Action.” 

The Family Foundation reports that Planned Parenthood spent over $2 million dollars to get pro-abortion governor Terry McAuliffe elected. McAuliffe appointed enough pro-abortion persons to subvert the Board of Health.

Furthermore, the Family Foundation reports the abortion of living babies is a $1 billion dollar a year business in our Commonwealth.

The Virginia First Foundation works to change the culture of Virginia for a better Virginia. Our aim is to make Virginia the most pro-life state in the Union. We want Virginia to be the safest place to be a baby in the womb, a severely handicapped, ill or aged person. Because we love life. We value life as gift from God. We treasure the lives of our fellow Virginians.

Please support the Virginia Family Foundation in their fight, for all of us, in the Virginia General Assembly and elections across the Commonwealth. And, support us, if you can, in our long range struggle to make Virginia even better for future Virginians.

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Vote Virginia's Values,
Vote Conservative.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015