Transgender the Truth

Transgendering the Truth

A teacher was fired in West Point, Virginia because the teacher didn’t talk as a student demanded. The school board website says:

“Mr. Vlaming was asked repeatedly, over several weeks and by multiple administrators, to address a student by the pronouns with which this student identifies. The issue before us was not one mistaken slip of the tongue. Mr. Vlaming consistently refused to comply going forward -- including in a statement made at the hearing -- a willful violation of school board policy.”

The West Point school board fired a teacher for speaking the truth. The public school administrators, who are all government employees, insisted that the teacher not tell the truth. Moreover, these government officials virtue signal the big lie that transgender is a permanent, victim protected class of persons, because “We do not and cannot tolerate discrimination in any form, or actions that create a hostile environment for any member of our school family.”

The truth isn’t discrimination.

Boys are boys and girls are girls. That’s a scientific truth. It’s taught in biology class.

If a boy thinks he is a girl or a girl thinks she is boy, the child doesn’t become a privileged minority. The child is mentally ill. Gender dysphoria is a mental illness in the American Psychiatry Association “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”.

The pious, self-righteous School Board, Superintendent of Schools and other educrats will make the lie – that gender is fluid and whatever people pretend - the truth and the truth a firing offense, if the citizens of West Point, Virginia allow it. These enemies of science, education, and common sense will transgender the truth if their crimes against this teacher go unpunished.

The good people of West Point have to find citizens to run for the school board – and town council – who will fire the superintendent, reinstate the teacher and pay damages, and restore the respectability of intellectual honesty to public schools.
Public schools aren’t required to treat mental illness. If they can accommodate some mentally ill students with private bathrooms or special classes, then they’re fortunate to have such resources.

This is moment of decision for Virginia. Stand with truth or transgendered truth which is the big lie?
The Virginia First Foundation will help the good people of West Point in every way we can.


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Legislation for Women?

I am going to discuss a few things that some may find uncomfortable, but it’s a discussion that must be had. It’s admittedly, a rant, but as a woman I have had enough.  The left is screaming for “women’s rights” while at the same time, painting women as victims suffering financially from having to buy feminine hygiene products. They are screeching about “healthcare,” while lowering the standards of compliance for abortion facilities. It’s more about posturing for the woman’s vote, than actually doing something meaningful with their time in Richmond.

This year’s General Assembly bill and resolution line up includes a variety of measures that improve the lives of the people of the Commonwealth, however, one bill in particular does the opposite: SB 201 introduced by Senator Barbara Favola (D) of Senate District 31. The bill, Co-Patroned by Senators Janet Howell (D) and Mamie Locke (D), reads as follows, “Removes language classifying facilities that perform five or more first trimester abortions per month as hospitals for the purpose of complying with regulations establishing minimum standards for hospitals.”

By striking this  language to Code of Virginia (Section 32.1-127) minimum standards will be in place and it will be less burdensome to become a licensed abortion provision facility. The women of Virginia deserve better standards and regulations than my veterinary clinic.

Then, there’s House Bill 25, Patroned by Jennifer Boysko (D) that would eliminate the tax on menstrual products during the tax free weekend on school supplies the first weekend in August. Though I believe that we are overtaxed as citizens, this is a bit ridiculous, and frankly, a waste of legislative time.  Does the Delegate believe that we women will rush out to the stores that weekend and stock up for the year to save, what? Five dollars, maybe? In my opinion this bill is nothing more than political pandering to women. AND, did you know that the General Assembly buildings have a handy supply of free menstrual products for employees and visitors at the expense of the citizens? Cozy and nice, huh?

And don’t forget House Bill 83, Patroned by Delegate Kaye Kory (D), that if passed would provide for FREE menstrual products for inmates.  This too is a misuse of public funds----your funds. I am all for human dignity in incarceration settings, but this is about personal responsibility. The responsibility of the person and their family to take care of these needs, or better yet, if Delegate Kory feels that free menstrual products are required, get local organizations to raise the funds. Don’t burden the tax payer.  This a great opportunity for communities to step up on a personal, not a government, level.

Delegates Boysko and Kory, the women of Virginia would rather see you both be the champion of reducing the state’s growing social welfare budget so we can put more money back into our family pocketbook.  We want real solid legislation that allows us greater choices for the education of our children, or decreased regulations on our small businesses. How about reducing the income tax, or the sales tax, or any tax for that matter?  The real issues facing  women are the power bills coming in the mail every month, and putting food on the table. Focus on the dignity of being able to have a good paying job and  health benefits provided by a REAL open market.

Alright, my rant is over. I hope women across the Commonwealth will agree that our legislators should be doing more for women by focusing on growing our economy, making our communities safer, and offering efficient government services.  

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A Real Christmas Surprise: Bring Healthcare Home in Virginia

Speaker-Designee Kirk Cox wants to play Santa Claus with the taxpayers’ money to give parental leave for employees to the House of Delegates.  What Grinch could oppose 12 weeks of parental leave?  But, which Hoos are going to pay for it?  How?  A real Christmas surprise worth having would be expanding health savings accounts (HSA) in Virginia – to allow working families affordable paid medical leave.  The gift that would really keep on giving is bringing Medicaid – and all Healthcare eventually back to home to Virginia.

Expanding HSAs isn’t really a gift.  It’s better.  It’s the right thing to do in healthcare.  Bring Medicaid and all healthcare home to Virginia.

Candidates for higher office, from both political parties, should run on this:

Virginia’s Senators and Representatives to the U.S. Congress should submit a bill to move healthcare from the Federal Government back home to Virginia. 

  • Move healthcare decisions from the Department of Health and Human Services to your home. The people know what’s best for their family, not some Washington politician.
  • Change policy choices from bureaucrats and lobbyists in Washington to your Virginia legislators – who will actually return your calls.
  • Increase medical services available and decrease costs, inefficiency, waste and fraud.
  • Create an economically sound, sustaining Virginia healthcare system that provides for the poor and cares for all.

First, bring Medicaid home to Virginia.  Eleven states already administer Medicaid through their own programs.  Virginia should lead, be first again, to do it rightly.  We should get the Medicaid money taken from Virginians by taxes and put them in individual Virginia Health Savings Accounts.  Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are established already under Virginia law.  The General Assembly needs to expand HSA’s in the Code of Virginia to create an HSA for every Virginian.

There are 8.41 million Virginians.  1.01 million are on Medicaid.  $8.56 billion is spent on Medicaid in Virginia annually.  That’s an average of $8,476 per person on Medicaid.

Virginians pay over $70 billion in employment taxes and over $12 billion in business taxes to the Federal government.  We pay far more in to Washington than the $4.26 billion we get back for Medicaid.  If a new federal law would return just $5 billion of our own money to Virginia, we could fully pay Medicaid and put seed money into the HSA’s of every Virginian. 

Generous tax deductions can be given for families and employers to invest in HSAs.  Gift deductions can be made for church families, friends, work colleagues and neighbors to give to others’ HSAs. 

Health Savings Accounts return control of healthcare to the individual.  Not the insurance company.  Not the government.  Not some bureaucrat.  Not some hospital administrator. 

HSA’s are:

  • More effective. When patients pay directly for services, more services will compete to provide more, better medical care.
  • More efficient. When Virginia gets to keep its own money, we don’t pay the pass through costs of the Federal Government. 
  • If returning Virginia’s money for Medicaid comes without strings – any rules or regulations on administration from Federal bureaucrats – Medicaid patients can be provided better care with more choices at lower costs.
  • More freedom. When patients pay for their own care, they choose their own care.
  • More sustainable. The money invested and saved over a lifetime will provide for all but rare catastrophic care – which is fixed by every Virginian contributing into an insurance pool of shared resources.  Even if a large portion of the HSAs are invested in government bonds yielding a flat 6% interest, significant money will be saved over time.
  • Lower costs. Lowering the administrative costs of healthcare makes medical services cheaper.
  • More jobs. The insurance providers, banks or other financial institutions certified to manage HSA’s in Virginia will invest billions in Virginia businesses.
  • More flexibility - portability. If a Virginian leaves the Commonwealth – (much to their loss) – their HSA can stay in Virginia and be drawn down like a debit card for their medical needs.
  • For Family and others. When a Virginian dies, the remainder of their HAS should be bequeathed to the HSAs as willed by the deceased person.
  • More Constitutional. Healthcare is among the plenary powers of States, not the limited powers of the Federal Government.  Follows the Constitution.
  • Include parental leave and make other affordable expansions.    


After a few years of success with Medicaid, then add Medicare to Virginia’s administration.  Then, add Social Security. 

Let Virginia lead again.  Make Virginia first, again, with the right ideas creating the best governance for the dignity, freedom and power of the individual and for our common good.



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Speaker Cox and the Christmas Surprise

This week Speaker-designee of the Virginia House of Delegates, Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights), offered the Commonwealth a Christmas surprise by announcing that he will lead the way in providing paid family parental leave to all full-time, benefited House employees. 

This type of policy change sounds great. We all want to support new families by starting off with time spent together, but this isn’t the role of government. This is the role of the family, the church, and the community. This isn’t about family support. This is about a budget paid for by the people of the Commonwealth. If the government wishes to provide such luxurious benefits, cuts to real wages would need to be made to offset the expense, or else the overall budget line items for personnel increases.

“As a society, we have to do more to strengthen families and encourage women to remain in the workplace. Strong parental leave policies improve morale and reduce turnover, two things critical in public sector workplaces. The House of Delegates will lead by example and provide 12 weeks of paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child to our full-time, benefited employees,” said Cox.

If Cox wants to encourage women to remain in the workplace, then he should work for policies that promote business growth through job creation. He should be encouraging his colleagues in the General Assembly to be working toward a pro-business Virginia where PRIVATE firms, not government, are providing great benefit packages.

This gift is akin to giving your children a puppy for Christmas. At first, the joy-bearing creature races into the living room in all its cuteness, outfitted in a big red Christmas bow. The children laugh and cheer. You all smile and embrace, sharing in the love and adoration of the moment as the Christmas lights twinkle on the tree. Then the puppy takes a great big poop on the carpet and the kids look to you to clean it up. The reality sets in that there are walks at 2am, chew marks on Aunt Bessy’s antique armoire, and a carpet that smells likes the urinal at subway stop. This isn’t at all as great as we thought and once the gift is given, we can’t give the puppy back to the pet shop.

This move by Cox is in direct opposition to his party’s Republican Creed which reads, “We believe that fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government.”

The fact is, under Republican leadership, the VA budget is growing by leaps and bounds while the economy is remaining relatively stagnant. While the population increased at a rate of 8%, per capita spending increased from 2005 to 2015 by a whopping 38%. During this same time period, per capita income only grew by less than ½ a percent. From 2005 to 2016 the state budget increased 75%, with an 8% increase from 2014 to 2016.

Also take into account that between 2005 and 2014, Virginia's per capita income grew at a rate of just 0.36 percent, compared to a national average growth rate of 0.56 percent over the same period. With this move, we can anticipate that the next move will be legislation giving ALL state employees this same leave benefit. The cost to the taxpayer is unknown, but I can assure you it will be a big price tag. Then, what will keep the localities from following the example of the House?

Another consideration is the cost of temporary help, overtime for wages paid to co-workers filling in for the employee of leave, and the lost productivity this extended paid leave requires. This is NOT the same as 12 Week family medical leave covered under the Family Medical Leave Act that is unpaid. Employees have the option of using accrued paid time off toward this leave and ensures job security. It’s optional for an employee welcoming a new member of the family. Furthermore, private companies have the option of providing this paid.

This is just another shift to the left, giving Big Daddy Government more authority and leading to more financial burdens on the citizens due to socialized parenting. If workers and employers want to make parental leave part of their pay package, then wages must be lowered to set aside funds to pay for the costs of leave and replacement workers. This is what small businesses would need to do to pay for such luxurious measures.

Call Speaker-Designee Cox and ask him to stick to the Republican Creed that got him elected. Ask him to lead by offering more fiscally conservative policies that shrink the authority of the government and put hard earned dollars back into the pocket of the people. Fiscal responsibility is the gift that keeps on giving.

Office: (804) 698-1066
Field Office:(804) 526-5135

And, if you’re feeling nostalgic this holiday season watch our videos on this topic that ran in January 2017. The Virginia First Foundation was FIRST in this fight for fiscal responsibility.  Big Spenders   Big Spenders 2

Want to help us fight back against the growing budget? DONATE or join our Commonwealth Membership  for just $10 per month. 


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Giving to Get Back Our Commonwealth

Today is #GivingTuesday, and likely, your email inbox is full of requests from worthy organizations. I'm here to tell you why you should give to get back our Commonwealth. 

We are at a cultural crossroads. For the first time in Virginia, the people have elected it's first Transgender member to the House of Delegates whose signature platform for his campaign was to pass legislation in favor of gender reassignment surgery. He ran against Delegate Bob Marshall, whose bill, the Physical Privacy Act, was set to protect all children's privacy in public school locker rooms.  The Virginia First Foundation supported this bill by organizing activists to speak out. Despite our best efforts, the bill died in a committee seated by a majority of Republicans. 

Our parental rights are at stake. We are in a battle to preserve our God-given parental rights to choose our children's education that best fits their needs. After all, we as the parents know what's best for our children. Last year, Delegate David LaRock's Education Choice bill was vetoed by the Democrat Governor, McAuliffe. The Virginia First Foundation was on the front lines of this battle pushing out activists to reach out to the Governor's office. 

Our budget is ever-increasing. Virginia's budgets and spending have been on the increase for too many years, passing the largest tax increases in Virginia's history, and adding fees with unconstitutional transportation packages that sought to give un-elected, "regional transportation authorities," the ability to increase taxes on the citizens of Virginia. 

From 2006 to 2016 the state budget has grown over $20 billion.
From 2002 through 2015 Virginia's General Fund spending increased by over 51.82%.

The Virginia First Foundation, with your help, was able to educate over 200,000 Virginia's about this topic, but there's more to be done. 

Our history is in danger and liberal Mayor's are breaking the law. This past year's headlines have proven that the battle is just beginning for the preservation of our monuments and the Rules of Law in our cities.  With the move of more Mayors to effectively declare Sanctuary City status and city council's to remove long-standing monuments to our history, organizations like the Virginia First Foundation are needed more than ever to mobilize and educate the activist base. 

Will you consider a donation on this #GivingTuesday? Join us for $10 per month and obtain a Commonwealth Membership or for a one time donation of $40 of more, you will receive a free gift. $40 or more donate here

We need you to give so we can take back our Commonwealth. 

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Lawson Should Not Apologize

“In response to calls for Prince William Board of Supervisor member, Supervisor Jeanine Lawson, R-Brentsville, to apologize to a lesbian couple for a conversation with their daughter where Lawson expressed her religious views about having a mother and father in the home, we are calling on the people of Virginia to stand with Mrs. Lawson.

Mrs. Lawson’s right to express her Judeo-Christian views are protected by the First Amendment. When will the intolerant left stop the bullying of Christians for speaking out? Tolerance is a two-way street.

The real controversy here is not Mrs. Lawson’s statements, but the intolerance shown to her God-given right to share her ideals in the public square without attempts to shut out her conservative voice.

In addition, Mrs. Lawson’s views, which are mainstream, are backed by sound research that children do better when raised in homes with a mom and a dad.

Jeannine Lawson should not be asked to apologize for expressing her views.

The Virginia First Foundation firmly stands by Supervisor Lawson’s right to free speech and independent thinking, albeit counter to what the current culture demands, and we are asking the people of Virginia to do the same.”

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Virginia Election Follow Up

We just had another election in Virginia. We have an election every year here. This year, the Democrats did very, very well. They produced a record turnout to win our off-year Governor’s ticket and pick up the largest increase in House of Delegates seats ever. This 2017, the Republicans did 161,549 votes better than they did in 2013 (for Governor). The Democrats did 419, 042 better in 2013. So, the Ds increased their votes more than 247,493 better than the Rs in 4 years. That’s the bottom line.
The bottom line is what matters in business. Politics is a business.

Let’s say it again – politics is a business. It’s the business of power and money, money and power. Unfortunately, for We, The People, byproducts of the business of politics are laws, taxes, regulations and policies of governance that impact on our lives. Consequently, as the old saw about war being too important to leave it to generals goes – politics is too important to leave it to the politicians.

The Virginia First Foundation is dedicated to educating Virginians – to change our culture to protect the Rule of Law for generations and make Virginia the best we can be. We, The People are Virginia. It’s important for us to know how one party in our two party system increased their vote by over 400k in 4 years. VFF will share what we know over time.

We know now that this isn’t a time to wallow in defeat in the culture war. Yes, a mentally ill person – wrongfully called a transgender - was elected to the General Assembly. But, given the rabid ideology of the Left, it’ll be hard to tell the difference in the policies of a man pretending to be a woman from the barking insanity of the other Liberals, Progressives, Human Secularist Totalitarians, Communists – The Left.

There’ll be another House of Delegates election in 2 years. Another Governor’s race in 4 years. There are elections in our cities and counties – including many school boards – which matter greatly. Politics is too important to leave it to the politicians.

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When the Left Uses You to Raise Funds

Rewire magazine ran a hit piece, “Do Virginia’s ‘Pro-Family’ Groups Support Policies That Help Women and Children?” on Oct 24, 2017 by Kate Andrews. Their first pull quote of me is “When it comes to improving health care for pregnant women and children, James Atticus Bowden of the Virginia First Foundation said, “We don’t have a stated position on that anywhere." That’s the best attack they can do – and fill their page with “donate” buttons.

They were accurate in quoting me, but not in my full message. I said there were many things we supported, but there was nothing before the Virginia General Assembly for us – an education foundation to educate Virginians – at this time.
Then, they add this red meat for Liberals – “Though prominent anti-choice groups in Virginia use terms like “pro-life” and “pro-family” to describe their views, the organizations don’t devote much time or many resources to advocating for policies that promote the healthy lives of children and families living in the state. The Family Foundation of Virginia, Virginia First Foundation, and Virginia Society for Human Life, for example, either oppose or have no opinion on policies, such as Medicaid expansion, that would help Virginia families. They have also taken no action on some hazardous environmental policies that could endanger fetal health.” We, the Virginia First Foundation, are humbly grateful to be called a prominent pro-life group in Virginia. We’re thrilled that the Left uses us for their purposes. We must be doing something right.

You may ask why I spoke to the writer of such a far Left publication? Because we aren’t afraid to tell our story, the truth as we know it, anywhere. They can spin, pick and choose, parse and ignore all they like, but as long as they don’t actually lie about us, they can’t hurt us with our own words. We speak ‘Life’ to Virginians for Virginia.

Rewire’s used our words to set up their advocacy for expanding Medicaid to 400,000 more folks in Virginia. Ugh. What an awful choice. As if the issue of health care is the binary choice of 1) Do nothing or 2) Expand Medicaid. Expand an inefficient, riddled with fraud and abuse, unconstitutional Federal abuse of power, inadequate answer to legitimate health care needs.
There are far better solutions.

One, which no legislator has proposed to the General Assembly, yet, is to expand Health Savings Accounts – already in the Code of Virginia. Reverse the abuse of the most regressive tax – sales tax – and put money into Health Savings Accounts of the neediest Virginians.

Two, improve communities of caring and concern – churches, family, co-workers and neighbors – to provide support and be get significant tax breaks to help fund their caring.

Three, expand the supply of medical care – which drives down costs – by ending the barrier of the Certificate of Public Need in Virginia.

Rewire noted correctly, “James Atticus Bowden, chairman of the anti-choice Virginia First Foundation’s board of directors, told Rewire that his organization is focused on keeping gender-separated restrooms in public facilities and repealing Virginia’s Certificate of Public Need program, which requires owners and sponsors of some prospective medical care facility projects to demonstrate a public need for the project in order to gain approval from the state health commissioner.” We focus on these two bills because they were before the General Assembly. We will do much more when we can.

Rewire asks the Left, “Appreciate our work? Rewire is a non-profit independent media publication. Your tax-deductible contribution helps support our research, reporting, and analysis. DONATE NOW.”

Do you appreciate our work – we are good enough to be the pin up poster of fright to the Left? We’re doing our work, rightly and well.

If 10,000 Virginians give $10 a month– we would do much more good for Life – and better solutions for healthcare for all Virginians. For less than the price of a pizza, once a month, your Virginia First Foundation can stop the march of the Left for all their wrong and immoral ‘solutions’.

Become a Commonwealth Member today, with a $10 per month donation by clicking here

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Virginia’s 2017 Governor’s Election: Political Temerity on Transgender/Privacy Rights Issues

The Virginia First Foundation led the support early this year for Del. Bob Marshall’s bill, The Physical Privacy Act, to keep the Commonwealth of Virginia sane, safe and the same. The bill, which kept the legal status quo, was killed in committee by Republicans.

The Virginia First Foundation’s goal is to educate on the issues and our position doesn’t support a particular candidate. Neither candidate has a public statement in accordance with our view of how to improve safety, security and civility in Virginia when it comes to privacy rights.

The very term “Transgender” is a made-up, make believe, political identity ploy that has no basis in proven science and medicine. There are only two genders in humans-male and female. A person who thinks they are a different gender than that written in the chromosomes of every cell in their body – is mentally ill suffering from gender dysphoria.

Any politician who supports “Transgender rights” is creating a protected class of persons with special rights and privileges – including access to opposite sex private places. These politicians legitimize insanity and create a threatening, hostile invasion of women and girls’ intimate privacy. It’s an opportunity for bad boys and perverts to act badly – putting boys in the girls’ locker room and men in the girls’ bathroom – and the state must support it, pay for it and honor it.

Furthermore, after the government invents new genders it will use its police powers to squelch the free speech rights – and the actual truth – criticizing such folly from sane citizens, parents, teachers, and all government employees.

Any politician who supports 133 cities and counties in Virginia deciding locally is as foolish or as much a miscreant as a whole hog transgender political supporter. Cities, counties and their school boards don’t have the right to create genders. They don’t have the right to make up science and medicine. They don’t have the right to create special protected classes of persons. They don’t have the right to force trigger events for abused women and girls in their private places. They don’t have the right to divide the Commonwealth of Virginia into sane and insane zones of gender reality.

Any elected Virginia official who votes against, or works to kill in committee, commonsense legislation preventing cities, counties and school boards from usurping powers and imposing Politically Correctness on Virginians demonstrates malice against what is normal and right, ignorance of science and medicine, and/or cowardice of criticism from the Left.

The Virginia First Foundation will continue to support the Privacy Rights of Virginians and will hold all elected officials accountable for their actions, whether they be open voting on the floor of the legislature, or in dark committee rooms cloaked in secrecy hidden by the unrecorded voice vote.

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A few words on Charlottesville

Let us pray and grieve with the families of the three people killed in Charlottesville. Let’s honor the brave, honorable service of State Police, Lt. H Jay Cullen and Trooper Berke M.M. Bates. Rest in peace.

The Virginia First Foundation condemns any and every person or group that advocates or commits political violence. All – Left and Right. Frankly, that’s easy to do.

Also, VFF chastises any elected official or political party person who doesn’t condemn both sides in Charlottesville’s riot.
Furthermore, VFF condemns the identity politics of the Left and Right, Democrats and Republicans and all others. It’s fundamentally wrong and ultimately dangerous to pursue the politics of white, black, Hispanic or Asian identity, gender, sexual behavior, or any other perpetual victim group or “protected classes of persons.” Dividing people into groups gives rise to groups that threaten the body – the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Specifically, more white identity in the future will not go well. The morally ascendant idea since the Civil Rights Movement has been for racial integration. It’s been the higher, better right thing for Whites to not think and vote as Whites – separate from other citizens. Yet, that’s what more identity division will beget.

The overwhelming majority of Whites in Virginia, who were raised in Southern Culture, had a transformation of the heart on race. The Christian message of Dr. Martin Luther King struck the Christian chords of Southerners to change their heart. Most believing Whites assumed a Christian identity first and foremost. Consequently, VFF repudiates, rejects, reviles White identity - ideas and politics.

And, VFF makes a key distinction that rejects White identity politics and supports Confederate heritage as part of Virginia history politics. Current White identity, KKK, alt.right, NAZI, white tribalism, etc. needs to be kept very distant from Confederate history and heritage advocacy. All of the Left and extreme Right reject that difference – and want to lump Confederates, NAZIs and the Klan together as the Right. Wrong. The NAZIs and Klan with their traveling companions are so extreme that they are actually big government, Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel Leftists.

VFF calls on the City of Charlottesville to restore the Rule of Law. When a despicable group exercises their right of free speech, do a better job of keeping opposing despicables from the other side far away. Make more arrests, sooner.

And, City of Charlottesville stop culturally cleansing your city of all things Confederate. Let history be. Let it live and learn from it.

VFF calls on all Virginians to not let their exercised emotions push for limits on speech – even so-called hate speech, assembly or the right to petition government. Don’t limit freedom because of out-of-state extremists.
If Virginians must have identity politics – go with Virginian American Christian. Lead in liberty. Respect individual freedoms. Love one another.


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Vote Virginia's Values,
Vote Conservative.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015